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We made it - Amazon No. 1 Bestseller!

Barely a month ago, I published and launched my first book on the world’s largest marketplace, Amazon, and within hours it became Number 1 bestseller. What an amazing feeling it gave me. It’s all thanks to the support of family, friends, acquaintances and professional colleagues I reached out to to help me click the coveted title.

The book garnered number 1 bestseller rank in two categories in both ebook and paperback (physical book). The categories were Business Consulting and Home-based Small Business.

I see the gongs as something to be proud of, and I have since been receiving congratulatory messages from readers.

The book, titled “Migrants on Fire!”, teaches what its sub-title says: how to turn your personal story into a business brand even in a new country.

If you need help to write a non-fiction book, launch or re-launch your book (even if it’s an old book) to bestseller status, please get in touch.

For more information on the book or if you are interested in grabbing a copy, go here:

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